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Kill Your TV

15 Jan

I find TV very educational; every time someone turns it on I go on the other room and read a book.
The average person spends an average of 4-6 hours a day watching television!
Can you believe it!? The television is a form of entertainment however people are spending large chunks of their lives watching people live their dreams!
Some people cannot see themselves without television! I find this shocking

Now read below and see whether you are TV junkie or a TV victim
                                                     5 signs you are a TV junkie
1. You spend 4 hours or more watching television
2. When you promise yourself that you will only watch one episode of ‘friends’ and you end up watching 10!
3. You keep watching repeats of your favourite TV shows
4. You don’t do what you have to do because your favourite show is on! (I can identify myself with this one) 
                                                         4 signs you are TV victim
1. You try to emulate things you see on TV- we are constantly bombarded with images of ‘perfect women’.  The media is constantly “telling us” what to do e.g. buy this car, wear this, put on this perfume, wear this particular deodorant, buy this cell phone AND THEN “YOU’LL BE OKAY, OR AT LEAST BETTER THEN YOU ARE NOW” … the type of things you see on TV often come with the message “you are not okay the way you are”

And if you are one of these women that try to look like the women on TV by trying to emulate their behaviours such doing same hair styles, buy same clothes and go as far as surgery to change parts of your body you are unhappy with- just because the media portrays this as inadequate you are definitely a TV victim!
2. You engage in consumption of products that are constantly advertised on TV- and somehow you put into your head need that product (pair of shoes, bag, camera, new dress etc)
3.Most of your conversations revolve around TV shows-‘who died?’, ‘who got married?’, ‘who’s cheating on who?’
4. You spend more time trying to figure out what is going to happen on that particular TV show, then you do trying to figure out why you are in debt, why your relationship is failing, why you can’t seem to lose weight,  why you hate your job…and the list goes on ladies!!!!

So for if you are a TV junkie or TV victim or both let me ask you this question ‘which side of the glass do you want live on?’
When you watch television you are watching people that are doing what they love to do for a living, this means that these people are at the best side of the class because they are having fun and you are passively watching them have fun… THEY ARE GETTIN MONEY AND YOU ARE PAYING. PERIOD.

So next time you to turn on the TV consider if what you are watching is ADDING VALUE TO YOUR LIFE!!   For example: I used to watch “The hills” like the whole day… I didn’t care whether it was an episode I had already seen, I’d just watch it!!!!! The time I used to watch them could’ve been used to something productive.

From now on I only watch TV when I feel like I have a done something productive for that day or week. In this case the TV acts as a form of reward.

P.S Don’t get me wrong there are some TV shows that add value to people’s lives!

Hope this helped all the TV JUNKIES and TV VICTIMS!

Stay blessed

Lili Jalo

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