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April- Secrets of the Millionaire Mind

12 Apr

Why do some people seem to achieve wealthy effortlessly while others work just as hard but still struggle financially? In this international bestselling book T. Harv Eker explain how you can master the inner game of money so that you will achieve financial success- and keep it once you have it. To get rich, you have to think rich!

Eker, a multimillionaire, teaches us how to become rich. He believes thoughts lead to feelings, which lead to actions, which lead to results, and hence the key to attaining great wealth begins with thinking–like rich people do. He offers new ways of thinking and acting that will lead to new and different results, and he tells us, “Success is a learnable skill. You can learn to succeed at anything.” The book emphasizes Eker’s 17 principles for amassing wealth, which include: rich people believe that they create their life, while poor people believe “life happens to me.” Rich people focus on opportunities, while poor people focus on obstacles. Rich people act in spite of fear, while poor people let fear stop them. Rich people constantly learn and grow, while poor people think they know enough.

I hope you enjoy this book!


Lili Jalo


‘The Alchemist’ – Review

12 Apr

The Alchemist’ by Paulo Coelho

‘when you really want something to happen, the whole universe conspires so that your wish comes true’

This novel written by Paulo Coelho tells the story of Santiago, a boy who had the courage to follow his dream. After listening and paying attention to the signs he ventures in his personal self -discovery, exploration, searching for a hidden treasure located near the pyramids in Egypt.  At the end of the book the boy realises that ‘treasure is where the heart belongs’ and that treasure was also the journey itself along with the wisdom he acquired and the discoveries he made.

This is a very exciting novel, the kind of novel where everything is possible.  And it might sound like simpler version of new-age philosophy, but as Paulo Coelho states ‘simple things are the most valuable and only wise people appreciate them.

“The Alchemist” is a book that I will definitely recommend others to read because I’m sure we all can identify with Santiago- we all have dreams, and we all wish we had someone  to tell us that they can come true. This novel is very well written combining words of wisdom and philosophy. The language used in this book is simple which makes it easier to read.

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